Only in Hull. Poems and Rhymes about a North East Coast Town. Poetry mainly for laughs.

Rhymes and poems by authors from Hull, even though one of them did reside in Spain. Many are inspired by news reports published on the Hull Daily Mail Website  Hull, or Kingston Upon Hull to give it ‘s regal title, is a wonderful living soap opera.
Please click on one of the category buttons on the black menu bar above to enter our world. Please feel free to use the poems for non commercial purposes but please acknowledge the author and website. It is never dull in Kingston upon Hull!

Sid’s thoughts on 18th September as we await the results of the Scottish referendum:

I’ve been out panic buying porridge
To which I’m most disposed.
I’m sure there’ll be a shortage
If the border should be closed.

While the Scots are making choices,
Should they remain or go?
We Yorkshire folk are worried.
About how the cash will flow.

We’ve promised them so many benefits
Not to choose the separate way
That we can’t afford to keep them
Should they now decide to stay.

While we’ll all be sad to lose them
If they choose the separate way
We’ll dry our tears on ten pound notes
And wish them all, “Good Day”.

Maggots dropping off Chants Ave Railway Bridge prompted this liberty by Sid :

When “All Things Bright and Beautiful”

First burst upon the scene

To celebrate nature’s glory

In this sceptred isle so green


No one wrote a verse about

The little nibblers who

Stop lifeless pigeons piling up

On Chanterlands Avenue.


If we looked like little lambs

Or kittens, you would find

The West Hull folk would welcome us

And treat us good and kind.


So spare a little of your time

For cockroach, toad and slug

And poor orphaned creepy crawlies.

Even maggots need a hug!

Chanterlands Avenue Railway Bridge

Chanterlands  Avenue Railway Bridge




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Kipling was the bard of Empire, Tennyson chronicled heroic events. We are a collection of rhyming Victor Meldrews from Hull producing rhymes, poems, poetry, ditties, odes, call it what you will.
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