Only in Hull. Poems and Rhymes about a North East Coast Town. Poetry mainly for laughs.

Rhymes and poems from Hull and the places we have visited.

Hull, or Kingston Upon Hull to give it’s regal title, is a wonderful living soap opera.
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For some reason, anything reflecting English Tradition in Hull is suppressed by the Ministry of Truth!

2017 or 1984?

But not if it includes English Traditions!

It wasn’t in the brochures
Intended to proclaim
The Culture of our City
It’s to their eternal shame.

Nor was it to be mentioned
On Look North, by Kofi Smiles,
Nor yet by Peter Levy
They avoided it by miles.

So blacked out by the media,
Funded by the public purse
What of the private sector
Could this be any worse?

Not a word was mentioned
In Hull’s Daily Mail.
Just like 1984!
No one dare tell the tale.

Only good old Burnsy
On Radio Humberside
Dared to pierce the blackout
And speak out on our side.

But on the day we sallied forth
Morris kings and queens
Three hundred strong, making our mark
Upon the centre scene.

Twisting, twirling, twizzling forms
Waivers and jingling bells,
Clattering sticks and tambourines
Lusty whoops and yells.

Battered melodeons, fiddles and flutes
Accordians, whistles, and chimes
Music, colour, and movement
Spawned in the mists of time.

The view North from Scale Lane Bridge.

Some danced for Queen Victoria
And some in Jameson Street
Some danced in the Market Hall
The public had a treat.

In Princes Quay and Humber Street
They danced without a care
And some by the Marina Side
And the new King Edward Square.

The Streetlife* felt the Morris kiss
But most magical, I know
Was the dancing on the Scale Lane Bridge
As it swung above the flow.

And when the evening shades came down
And darkness softly fell
Did the media report it?
Did they? Did they hell!

*The Streetlife Museum.

On 23rd September, 2017, the Morris Federation held their AGM in Hull and 27 Morris teams turned out to dance in the city centre. Nothing was mentioned by the City of Culture team (who had known of it for nearly two years) or by Look North or the local paper, the Hull Daily Mail, who had been bombarded with information.

Please feel free to use the poems for non commercial purposes but please acknowledge the author and website. It is never dull in Kingston upon Hull!


About onlyinhull

Kipling was the bard of Empire, Tennyson chronicled heroic events. We are a collection of rhyming Victor Meldrews from Hull producing rhymes, poems, poetry, ditties, odes, call it what you will.
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2 Responses to Only in Hull. Poems and Rhymes about a North East Coast Town. Poetry mainly for laughs.

  1. Jamie says:

    Hello I read your work “The Risk” in the Morris Federation Newsletter was amused and impressed. I squire Hulls Border Morris Team Rackaback Morris and great to read work I can relate to and we are complemented by the inclusion of a photo of us.
    I hope you don’t mind if we include and cite some of your works in what we do.

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